I remember in April 2020 when the gyms were shutting down and panic started. My clients were asking me — what, at a minimum did they need to buy to be able to recreate their gym workouts — at home.

My list of basic items for the majority of my clients always includes a Hex bar. A Hex bar or commonly referred to as Trap bar is a hexagon shaped weight lifting bar that keeps weight centered for better balance and stress reduction on your back and spine. …

It started with the day I stopped looking in the mirror and telling myself I was fat. It started with the day I didn’t have to ask someone if I looked “fat” in this outfit. It started with the day I felt I could wear the first outfit I tried on — because I loved how I looked.

These are all great reasons to want to be at my all time low. But then what? I began to swing from one extreme to another. All or nothing. …

It is the new year and we all want to set a new set of goals and go gangbusters to achieve them. NOW WHAT?

The biggest mistake that we all make is setting unrealistic expectations for the new year. We set resolutions, goals and promises — then create an imaginary timeline of January. There is no way we can do 10 new things in January and be successful. Here is my suggestion.

watercolor journal by karenika.com
  1. Write all your promises for yourself — in a LIST — for the new year in a journal.
  2. Pick only ONE for each month. (IN ORDER OR PRIORITY…


Remember what you stand for — and just like our parents told us,

if we don’t — then we will fall for anything.

Also — know this… the most important thing to stand up for



Everyone will want you to be present for them, to show up for them,


Be present for #YOU.

Show up for YOU.

Keep your cup full — then you can pour from it, to help others..

But please note — not everyone will want what you have in your cup…

AND — That is OK!

Stay aware and watchful. Keep…

Dear Woman,

Pace yourself…

Embrace the vibrance

of your youth -

Cherish the child you will always

hear in your own laugher and

Hold fast to the fire in your soul

Look towards the future but know

How your past shapes that journey and never discount it

Don’t rush life

Enjoy life

Live life

Be present in YOUR life

Take time to strip away the material

and the superficial, now- remember the

essence of who you are.

That giggle, that bonfire, that electricity…

those things are your powers.

They exist because- you exist.

Pace yourself

Fan the flame

Don’t race…

I have avoided anything butter (ish) for years. One of my clients brought it to my attention and I decided to further research WHY this should or could be added into our list of approved items — you know how picky I am about ingredients!!!

(Below is information I researched and compiled from a variety of reputable online sources, I then summarized with my own thoughts from close to 30 years of exerience in the health, wellness and fitness industry)

What I think is most helpful here is…

If you like butter — this is better.

  1. Ghee’s high smoke point……


Yes, there is #darkness in our lives….

And the world gets intensely dirty.

You can, and will get through it all.

I promise you — it is possible

to leave the darkness behind you

and emerge


more #vibrant

and #whole.

You WILL embrace the crumbling past -

and rebuild into a better version of

your own yesterday.

#Crawl, #climb, #run, #dig,

Break through walls….

Follow your #gut as well as

Your #heart —

#Trust yourself

#Believe in yourself…#Heal yourself

And…remember to

love what you left behind in the rubble- for

It has helped you to build the powerful

Here is a thought — lets not focus on what you can’t have, or what NOT to do but plan what you can have and will do.

1. Plan your fun meals. — schedule these holiday fun meals and treats into your week. I guarantee that you will hold yourself accountable on the days and times surrounding the scheduled fun time —

I think.

All my life I have always been surrounded by people who are free and willing … daily if needed … to let me know 5–10 things I should improve upon, need to self-reflect on or fix. Often it’s just a list of things I think I’m good at but in their eyes I am not.

Ok now what?

Sure I have typically in the past used this to fuel my fire and push on to do what I do and build a business.

I have, up until today, thought these things about myself.

I am strong.

I am…


When you find you feel

your most #vulnerable -

Know, you CAN find #strength there.

The pain you feel IS your truth & you have total control over it.

Wrap your soul in self-love.

Find warmth in your heart of gold.

Your story is how you wish to tell it.

Start writing — feel the fever…..


Release your pain & let the #toxic

narrative dissolve into the darkness.

Let the sun shine on to your happy face.

It’s your new story-

It’s your truth.

You hold the cards….

Play your hand.


Staci Boyer

Author of Motiv8n’U | 12 yr Navy CorpsVET | Lifestyle Architect| Motivational Speaker |Writer of Dear Woman empowerment letters | #Motiv8nU4Real | #StaciSpeak

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